Warehouse Management System: does your company need WMS?

Let's figure out who and why uses a warehouse management system. And also we help you to decide:
"whether the system of automation of the warehouse account is necessary in your company".
It is no question that every business owner thinks of how to increase his enterprise overall performance and to cut down expenses. Providers of logistics services, trading and manufacturing companies, in short, all those who engaged in the storage of goods, sooner or later think about automation of warehouse management.
The reasons for WMS system implementation at the enterprise usually are expansion or moving on a new warehouse where it is already impossible to keep the reporting on paper, or increase in quantity of positions. Speed of a goods turnover, if it grows, at non-automated warehouse leads to confusion, losses of goods, and, therefore, losses for the enterprise. To control a large staff constantly is also quite difficult. In simple words, the larger is the warehouse, the more it needs WMS.
The WMS system allows you to automate all your warehouse processes. It integrates with the warehouse accounting software and is configured according to the needs of the specific enterprise. Centralized warehouse accounting is carried out in real time by using barcodes labels. All you need to make a report is to scan the barcode using the portable data collection terminal (PDCT). Thus the worker notes arrival and expenditure of goods, enters the data on its location and load of storage cells into the system. That enables other employees, having an idea of the current state of commodity stocks, to choose the optimal place for the next batch in advance. So orders are formed faster, and their shipped without delays.
The storage process also becomes automated - when receiving goods, the data about the date of production and batch number are entered into the system. Users can create effective storage schemes for various products, taking into account their characteristics, shelf life and life cycle. Due to the rational distribution and storage of stocks, the economy of the storage space, the distribution and sale of product balances, and the constant uninterrupted operation of the warehouse are achieved.
WMS system allows you to control not only warehouse processes, but also the work of warehouse employees. Managers can timely monitor the progress of tasks, and loaders and storekeepers constantly have the necessary information for fast and high-quality work. In addition, the warehouse management system automatically creates a list of tasks, marking available ones and already in work. You will simply understand whose work is perfect, and who should try harder.
The system takes into account both the time of tasks execution, and the average time required to work on any position, and also notes the staff employment in a given period of time. Such reporting not only simplifies the calculation of staff salaries, but allows you to make a more accurate and effective plan of the subsequent work of the enterprise.
Do you doubt the need for a WMS system?
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Summing up, we can say that the WMS implementation is necessary for the expanding enterprises that plan to increase the capacity of the warehouse without losing its efficiency, and to reduce operating costs and increase the personnel productivity. Therefore pay your attention to the system of automation of the warehouse Q2-WMS.
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