Warehouse Automation System, having no analogue, has entered the market!

Warehouse Automation System, having no analogue, has entered the market! The RITG IT company engaged in software development and the systems of avtomatization has provided the new solution on the market, capable to make process of management of warehouse processes more clear and profitable.
Today, due to the rapidly developing technologies and growing enterprises, more technological solutions are needed to increase the efficiency and profitability of the business. Along with the growth of industrial turnover, grows the need for reliable and easy-to-use facilities that would make the enterprise management process more clear and profitable.
The system of the warehouse auomation "Q2-WMS" is designed to increase overall performance of warehouse complexes of various scales and having goods both average, and the small sizes. With the warehouse management system, all basic warehouse processes (acceptance, shipping, loading) are automatized, including personnel management and product life cycle monitoring mentioning the temperature characteristics. Compared to accounting and reporting on paper, automated workflow greatly simplifies the work of managers and evaluates the effectiveness of employees. That in turn significantly reduces the irrational expenses of the business owner by at least 20%. Calculate how much you can save per year and put these funds on the strategic development of the company!
The main advantage of using Q2-WMS, which will be appreciated by manufacturers and retail network owners, is the possibility of carrying out a full inventory in the warehouse without stopping its operation. The Q2-WMS system is capable to provide a complete warehouse planogram and its fullness at a particular time. The data is promptly entered into the system, to which all employees have different access. As a result the current situation in the warehouse will always be known to management.
The warehouse management system Q2-WMS is customized to the business processes of a particular enterprise, taking into account all the customer’s requirements and the specifics of his activities, and provides the maximum reduction of the number of errors in the warehouse work – confusion in receiving, loading or shipping the goods, loss of goods, long order formation. It is the accuracy of these processes is the increase of the efficiency of the entire warehouse.

Another important advantage of Q2-WMS is the experience of its developers. RITG has been developing industrial software since 2006, and for 11 years has been a significant player in the national and foreign IT market. Having an excellent understanding of the IT sphere prospects, RITG is constantly improving its work, keeping pace with the times. That is why the company has the flexible approach to the development of software products that fully meet the trend. Therefore, the quality of the Q2-WMS system is not subject to doubt and is ready to pass the test operation in any warehouse.
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Q2-WMS warehouse management system is developed by the RITG IT company
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