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Q2-WMS System features
Has a number of significant advantages if you:
If you rent out warehouses, then:

the Q2-WMS system allows you to differentiate the access rights (for the employee, for the client), optimize the storage space by analyzing the load of the racks, after which you increase the storage capacity.

Q2-WMS helps with drawing up reports and control of employees: each product is fixed in the system and the risk of its "disappearance" is minimized.

If you have a warehouse of small- and mid-sized products, then:

our system provides the strict binding of commodity items for the specified rack, and now you monitor where even the smallest detail is placed in real time. Q2-WMS allows to organize a complete set according to the FEFO, FIFO, LIFO methods.
If you have a warehouse of perishable products, then:

the Q2-WMS system allows you to monitor the storage time of commodity items and group them into the storage areas specified by you without violating the temperature conditions and products compability. Now you can quickly identify and document the expired products and carry out an inventory on the selected racks without stopping the warehouse work. That allows you to finish the work in a short time, without the expiration of the storage life.

3 steps of the system work operation
The operator creates a document with the type "Receipt", fills the document with commodity items and raises the status to "Receiving." In the terminal device of the storekeeper, an receiving task appears. The storekeeper receives the goods, the system shows prompts and does not allow the storekeeper to make mistakes (wrong product, wrong quantity). After the receiving is completed, the document goes to the "Received" status.
The operator creates a document with the type "Sale", raises the status to "Selecting", assigns the person responsible for the task of selecting the goods. The storekeeper sees his task for the selection in the terminal and starts executing it. The system indicates the place from which one should select the goods (by the FIFO, FEFO, LIFO rule). The storekeeper takes the selected goods to the nearest place of the selection, leaves the goods and scans the barcode of this place. After the selection is completed, the document goes to the "Selected" status.
The operator creates a loading task, specifies the loading date and time, the job gets the status "In progress". The car arrives for loading, the loader scans the car's barcode and the gate's barcode to check and confirm that the vehicle has arrived at the right gate. After that the loader opens the task for loading in the terminal, starts to carry it out. The system indicates where to pick up the goods, the loader picks up the goods, carries the pallets to the gate and loads the car. The person responsible for loading verifies the correctness of the loading (by the quantity of the goods) and confirms the completion of the task. After the shipment is completed, the status of the job is changed to "Done successfully."
General Features of Q2-WMS
Our system has a user-friendly interface that helps to reduce the time for performing warehouse tasks by 20-30%, to inventory products without stopping the operation of warehouse, to reduce the operational risks of the enterprise by reducing the influence of the human factor and to integrate Q2-WMS with third-party WEB applications and products of ERP-systems.
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Automated warehouse accounting of availabity and movement of goods

  • Receipts, expenditure, selection, loading of goods
  • Several warehouses maintaining
  • Inventory analysis of production areas and storage positions
  • Product transfers between warehouses
  • Packaging in accordance with the FEFO, FIFO, LIFO methods

Monitoring of operations and reporting

  • Fixing of objective data in real-time for all warehouse operations
  • Clear visual representation of the current status of stock
  • Product life cycle tracking
  • Selection of optimal route of goods handling for warehouse staff
  • Recording the movement of goods and materials in warehouse
Personnel management

  • Automatic creation of tasks for goods acceptance importing from 1C
  • Employee database maintaining
  • Reports for calculating employee salaries
  • The ability to assign users roles and permissions to sections
Differentiation of user access rights
The Q2-WMS system allows employees to be divided into groups:
  • managers,
  • warehousemen,
  • loaders
      Staff performance assessment by criteria:

      • Date and time of the beginning and end of the terminal session
      • Period of operation with POCT
      • Number of completed tasks
      • Task beginning and completion time
      • Average time for slot selectio
      Q2-WMS is aimed to
      improve the efficiency
      of your warehouse operations!
      The implementation of the system will be adapted specifically for YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES. We are interested in successful and fruitful cooperation with you, therefore, by the result of installation and operation of Q2-WMS - we are ready to provide full access to the system to your programmers or to provide further operational technical support.
      5 obvious benefits for our partners
          1. Your warehouse optimisation and automation;

          2. Increase the loyalty of your customers;

          3. Improving of your company's reputation and profits;

          4. Rationalization of your employees work - stop leave money on the table!

          5. Optimization of your costs and investment of the saved amount in expanding your business

          The Q2-WMS system preparation and implementation

          • Warehouse logistics audit
          • Optimization of business processes
          • Creating of warehouse planograms
          • Approval of equipment for warehouse operations
          • Identifying the information systems which require integration

              • Adaptation of the warehouse system
              • System installation, configuration, integration, directories filling
              • Configuring hardware for work in the system (printers, terminals)
              • Staff training
              • Test operation of the system
              • Industrial operation of the system
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